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Burner Kit

Introducing the Burner Kit

The simplest, most anonymous, and most affordable disposable cell phone ever manufactured. Made for people who value security and privacy.

  • 30 day disposable phone number.
  • Unlimited talk and text for 30 days.
  • Nationwide coverage.
  • 16 hour talk time before recharge.
  • 30 day standby time before recharge.
  • Arrives fully charged.
  • Power cord included.
  • Completely anonymous.

$75.00 — Free Shipping


Need real anonymity?

Our Burner Kit is the simplest, most secure, and most affordable pre-paid cell phone kit in the US. The Burner Kit comes with a quality disposable cell phone, in addition to unlimited voice and SMS messaging for 30 days.

After 30 days, just throw away your Burner Kit and you'll never have to worry about compromising your identity.

When you receive your Burner Kit in the mail, it'll be fully ready to go. Your Burner will be fully charged and ready for usage as soon as you snap your battery into the phone! Your 30 days of usage start counting after your phone turns on for the first time.

We take your privacy seriously. You can purchase your Burner Kit using Credit or Debit card or Bitcoin (an anonymous digital crypto currency). Every time you make a purchase we'll package and ship your order, then destroy all transaction records in our system. We make it impossible to give or share your information with anyone.

Got questions? Email us.


Ready for Use


As soon as your new Burner Kit arrives, it will be fully charged and ready for usage -- no preparation needed.



Our phones are simple to use and stylish. With unlimited talk, SMS, and nationwide coverage, you'll be anonymous in no time.



Once we've shipped your order, we'll immediately destroy all customer information we have on file, making it impossible for us to share your personal information with anyone.



If you'd like to have a Burner Kit for future usage, no problem. After you receive your order, your 30 days won't start counting until you turn the phone on.



Using a burner phone allows you stay anonymous as both your hardware device and SIM card can be thrown away when you're finished using the phone.


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Have problems or questions about your Burner Kit? Email us and we'll get you sorted out.


  • Why should I use a Burner?
  • With organizations like the NSA storing and logging all phone conversations and SMS messages (link), anonymity is becoming harder and harder to come by.

    Want to make a phone call or send an SMS message that won't be linked to your personal identity? If so, the only way to make yourself truly hard to track is to make your calls and SMS messages through disposable cellular devices which make it harder to track you down.

    Our Burner Kits are the most anonymous cell phone kits on the market -- they're delivered ready for usage, and have a 30 day timer from the moment you turn them on. As soon as your 30 days of unlimited talk and text expire, just throw away your phone (or recycle it) and you'll be a ghost.

  • Is My Burner Recyclable?
  • Yes!

    If you'd like to recycle your Burner when you're done using it, just throw it into any cell phone disposal box (these can usually be found at office supply stores).

  • Can I Purchase the Phone and SIM Chips Separately?
  • Yes! If you go to the order page, you can purchase as many SIM cards as you want, individually.