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Website Design – Part of our day to day lives

Website DesignLess than 15 years ago, if you asked the majority of people out there what website design was, chances are you wouldn’t have found many who could give you a definite answer. After all the internet was still in its infancy and people where getting to grips with the word browsing, and website, let alone what it took to design such a thing.

The other day, we were having Sunday lunch with the family and my grand son asked me point blank who took care of my own website development.  The little fellow is all of 6 years old, is learning to read and write, but web design? That he knew.

I often wonder if people even realize how fast technology has changed our world and what they would do, if for a moment or so, all their electronic gadgets, tablets, smart phones etc fell off the grid. Well, it seems that I am not the only one and this blackout is even the subject of a doomsday tv series “Revolution” in which people try to come to terms with a world without electricity.

It seems that the idea of a world without our beloved e-devices is one that is even preoccupying the military as a weapon that would destroy our ability to communicate could have enough impact that it would send the targeted country back in the dark ages.

Websites have evolved in the past couple of decades, and the languages used to design  them, though a whole lot more complex, are still based on “old” html technologies.  Even in the world of programming, the most sophisticated languages are derived on basic “human” principles and the communicating blocs which drive us all.

It is said that the most complex robot out there cannot yet compete with us and until it does then it is likely that human kind will maintain a controlling grip on how programming languages are designed.  Once these robots over take us though, a whole new methodology of how things are designed will inevitably change and the challenge will then be how we, humans, will cope when we lose this control.  They also made a tv series about that!