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How Phones Can Help Raise Your Sexy Mojo

When the great Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he probably knew that his invention had the potential to move society to the future.  Whether the great man himself anticipated that the telephone would revolutionize the world in ways that would be so far reaching that it would still play a predominant role in how most the world conducts itself, nearly 85 years later is of course another matter.

It is fair to say that we use our phone for nearly everything we do in life, and though the technology may have evolved, and landlines may have been pushed back to the confines of our ever adaptive memories, not much else has changed in our world today.

Technology companies (including telephone companies) are traded on NASDAQ and every major trading floor in world capitals and if by any nightmarish scenario, phone lines were to become dead, it is fair to say that the world itself would be facing chaos, the likes of which even the more hardened optimists out there would have nightmare about.

Simply put, we cannot possibly envisage a world without our phones, smart or not.

A lot of things have evolved since that day when we began to dial numbers into a device to connect with someone on the other side of town.  In the past few years, technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, like the online world for example. Nowadays we still use the phone to connect with one another, but in addition to landlines, and cell phone signals, we also use the internet as an enormous hub to speak, spread the word, expand our horizons, buy, sell, even have virtual relationship with people half a world away. It may be called voice over ip, and it may even also add the ability to see each other when we “skype” but when it comes down to it, it’s still very much a phone application, that you can use… yes, you guessed it, from your smartphone.

Whatever Mr. Bell may have thought would happen, I bet he wouldn’t have had a clue that phone sex would become as popular as it has become. Married couples and  single alike use this method to form, maintain and even consolidate their relationship with one another. Irrespective of your views on this matter, the fact that it has become so commonly used in this particular context is a testament to the extraordinary contribution the telephone is making in today’s society.